What is Drop Shipping? – How to be Successful in Drop Shipping

what is drop shipping

Now you have a question in mind that What is Drop Shipping? In today’s world, we can see websites like Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress. Ebay etc have become the biggest business platforms. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos had become the world’s richest man for a day. Jack Ma, owner of Alibaba is one of the world’s richest men. We can check their websites and see that there are millions of products ready to be sold. The first idea that hits our head is that Amazon or Alibaba is selling the products from their stock. But at the same time, on each product, we can find the “Seller Company”. So, what exactly are they doing? That is what Drop Shipping is.

What is Drop Shipping? Now That sounds Like something New

Doesn’t it? It really does sound like something new. But the idea is not that new. People have been doing business since most of the religions were established. So we can say that business is older than religion on earth. People used to exchange stuff to get exactly what they want. When the idea of currency came, people started measuring the prices of an item and started buying and selling using currency. That’s the basic idea of business right?

But Drop Shipping takes business ideas to the next level. It’s not possible for a single company to have millions of products of different categories. Like having airplane engine and vegetables in the same market is not possible. But websites like Amazon and Alibaba have created such an atmosphere that all the products can be on the same window. But are these products at the same place? That’s the question we need to ask ourselves before understanding what Drop Shipping is.

The answer is No. All the products on these websites are not in the acquisition of them. Yet they are adding products to their inventory, products are being sold and people like Jeff Bezos are becoming richer every day. How’s that even possible?

An answer to What is Drop Shipping

Now the answer to what is Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is a kind of business when you don’t have to have any products at hand, rather you can contact with sellers, get a list of their products and price, publish them somewhere, and make money over the change of hands. In this way Amazon and Alibaba or eBay, no one is buying a single product. They are just listing the products that are available in different stores all around the world. People can see those lists on their websites. Whenever a person places an order on them, the sellers receive the total order and fulfill it from their end. Then they pay the websites for being the middleman. Sounds really easy right?

Really? What is Drop Shipping? Is That easy?

The answer is, No. Drop Shipping might sound really easy. Because all you’re doing is listing products and promoting them on the internet, that’s it. People will come and buy; the sellers will do the rest and pay you. The hardest task, in this case, is promoting the products. For which you would be competing with billions of websites on the internet. Now, does it sound easy?

It shouldn’t. Websites like Amazon, eBay were not created in one day. Countless hours of hardship and dedication were the result of it. Without which no business cannot prosper. That’s ok until now. But what makes Drop Shipping such a great business that these people are the richest people of the world.

What is Drop Shipping? – Pros of Drop Shipping

There are many pros to this. You’ll understand how they became this big when you read the pros carefully,

No Need for Stock

In any business, the basic requirement is to have money for investments. You need investments to buy something with which you can earn money from. But in Drop Shipping, you’re just listing products and prices from different people who have the stock. You don’t require having anything or buying anything. The only requirement is to have a website which you can get by spending less than a hundred bucks!

Saving Time & Money

When you don’t require to have stocks, you don’t require a place to keep them, a person to look after them or taking care of them. All you’re required to do after making the list is, you have to promote them on the internet. It won’t take much time for you to create a promotional article to make sales. So, in this way you’re saving money and your time.

Can be Started as a Side Business

You can have a job and work 9 to 5. Stay at the office and take workloads. To do drop shipping you don’t need to spend much time. All you need is sitting in front of the computer or a laptop and work on your website every day for some hours. You can do that while you’re free. So, Drop Shipping can be easily a side business to your job or your main business. Yet this side business of yours has the ability to grow bigger than your main job or business in no time.

Can be started by saving Pocket Money

If you’re a student and want to be established before others, this could be a great idea for you. As you don’t require stocks and just require a website, you can start your own drop shopping business just by saving some money and creating a website. You can work and study. This will not hamper your study rather the more you will write on your website, the better your writing skills will get. It will help you to write better on exams too.

What is Drop Shipping? – How to be Successful in Drop Shipping

As I said earlier, drop shipping website did not become famous in a day. These websites required hours of work and hardship. If you’re willing to do that you can read the following otherwise you can skip.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

If you see the websites doing Drop shipping, you will see that people directly search for them. But that was not true when they were created. They had to optimize their website to be this big. To make a successful Drop Shipping website, you have to learn SEO and also, SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and SMM(Social Media Marketing). These are the basic knowledge necessary before starting an online business.

Writing Great Contents

The most important thing, in this case, is writing great contents. When your website optimized and people are visiting, you need to have something to make a sale. That’s what content does for you. Content make sales. The amount of sale entirely depends on the greatness of your content. So, learning how you can write contents that would attract people more to buy stuff from your website.

Lead Generation

It takes a lot of time to be optimized. The fastest way to get people to see your website is generating leads. Letting people directly know about your website and the products you have listed. The best way to generate leads is by sending emails to people. You need to have a lead generation tool for that.

These are the few tricks to be successful. Just to be clear, it will take a lot of time to establish a new website. But if you follow the above-mentioned steps, your journey will get shorter. But remember, you have to have a lot of dedication and patience to be successful. You might fail at first. But by the right amount of hard work, you will be great one day like drop shipping legends Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos.

So, if you’re planning to start a small business of yours, Drop Shipping is something you should try right away. Because if you like to work hard and want to earn money. This is the right idea for you. If you have any questions about What is Drop Shipping blog post you can ask them below in comments. Thanks for reading the article with patience.

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