What is a Vlog? – How to Become a Successful Vlogger

what is a vlog

Right now the most prominent business is on the internet. All the big platforms where you can find billions of people at one place which are known are social networks are the main place to do your business. That’s why people are emerging as entrepreneurs on the internet with the help of social media. And that is what is a vlog. Now, on these platforms, the contents can be of many kinds. It can be an image or simply a writing or a detailed video. If you make video contents, you are a vlogger. Now, what is a vlog?

Before knowing what is a vlog, you have to understand what type of content can be the most prominent one in order to show what you are trying to show. People used to depend on newspapers for any kinds of detail news. After the emergence of television, people almost forgot about the newspaper and then started just watching the news on the television because a video gives you a better and a life-like view of the news that you are seeing.

That’s why, right now if your idea is to flourish a business on the internet and make yourself famous and rich, vlogging is what you should start. ow, you are ready to know what is a vlog.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog basically is a blog where you post your content in the form of videos. Those who make vlogs are called vloggers. The biggest medium on the internet for vlogging is Youtube. Youtube is a platform for only video contents.

The word vlog came from two words. One is a blog, and the 2nd is video. V was taken from the 2nd word, meaning video. Both words were included, and Video blog became a Vlog in short. It even sounds like a separate niche. it is indeed a separate niche because a video is a stronger content than an article.

The easiest way to have a vlog is to create an account o any social media like Youtube(recommended) and create or choose a niche that suits you or you can make it suitable. Most of the prominent vloggers are on the youtube. Some created their own website but most of them started on Youtube. So, the first thing you need is to create a place for you to post your content on any video content platform.

This the basic idea of what is a vlog and what we call a vlog owner. that’s not enough to know to become a successful vlogger. If your dream is to be as successful as any of the famous Vloggers, you have to know the cheat sheet. The cheat sheet is, how to become a successful Vlogger. After doing tons of researches on the most prominent vloggers of the world and their techniques, I have finally created a step by step process of vlogging. I will try the steps myself later, right now I will continue being a blogger.

How To Become A Successful Vlogger?

There are many things that you can do. But for starters, try to follow the steps below. It will give you the boost you need.

  1. Collaboration – Find someone who has the same engagement and subscribers like yourself. If you want to be famous in a day, that’s impossible. You can send a message to someone who has 10 million subscribers saying, “let’s make a video”. But they will never respond because they have the same message from thousands of people. So, there’s no easy ladder. What you can do is talk to someone who has better skill than yourself but is at the same level on the basis of subscribers. Talk to them about collaboration. They will surely join you. Thus you will be able to grow. But now individually. individual growth is not easy in today’s world.
  2. Approach the Brands you use yourself – People think that showing an ad in between the videos is the way of making money by vlogging. But that’s not true. The real money lies at someplace else.
    Try and talk to the brands you use regularly and give them an idea of how they can benefit. Also, think about your benefit too. That’s where the money lies.
  3. Give Value to Your Content – In every sphere of online work, everyone says, “Content is the key”. If you think that making low-level contents will give you the attention that you want, then you’re building castles in the sky. You will only get the attention you deserve. So, make a content which truly deserves a huge amount of attention from the people. Because in the end, more viewers you have, more money you can earn.
  4. Be honest – When we create a content, we take help from the easiest place. That’s our imagination. But when you’re writing a review about something, try to be as honest as possible> because if your review is wrong people will start judging you. Same goes for your videos. Yet, it’s proven that via video people have better engagement than words.
  5. Have Variety – Some vloggers lost their hype because of having the same line of content on their vlog. The world is changing every day,. When people are accepting the change, they love to see changes in everything. So, always think about variety in your contents.
    Otherwise, you will be liked and loved at first. After that, you will lose your flow. That will ruin your business in seconds. Always keep variations at what you create.
  6. Create Targets – Think about PewDiePie, he has the biggest number of subscribers as an individual Youtuber. he never thought about having that many. But he did. Everyone starts with the small target and the target keeps on increasing day by day. Because whenever you’re doing something, you get better every day. That’s what has happened in the case of PewDiePie. You should do that too if you want to earn $12 million per year like him.

These are the abstracts that are necessary to be successful. Now, above everything, you have to understand why better quality video works better than most other mediums of content. Including low-quality videos.

  • 59% of the people on the internet prefer to watch a high-quality video(over 720p) rather than reading texts
  • 88% more time is spent on a video in contrary of a website under the same niche
  • Conversion is increased by 20% due to videos
  • 70% of the marketing professionals believe that video converts more than other mediums
  • 64% of people are likely to buy a product after watching a video about it rather than reading a text.
  • A video increases 157% organic traffic.

If you search for something, after 2-3 web results, video results are shown. Also, there’s a separate video search in maximum search engines. So, investing in a video is really worth.

Only in united states, companies have invested more than $9.4 million for video advertisement in 2017. And it will keep on increasing. So, right now, vlogging can be one of the best businesses on the internet.

And the best way to do that is by creating videos of great quality. When I’m saying great quality, I am not saying that you have to make a video like the same way in the Hollywood. You have to make videos with the least pieces of equipment that can give you the edge over others. Because it doesn’t cost much to watch a good quality video. That’s why people avoid bad quality videos. So, you should keep yourself above from that avoiding list. Here’s what you can do.

How to Make a High-Quality Video for Vlogging?

After knowing what is a log and how to be successful, you have to know the ins and outs. As I said before it’s not enough just knowing what is a vlog. So, let’s see how you can make high-quality videos.

  1. Own at least a DSLR Camera/A Camcorder and a Tripod – Most of the people don’t want their youtube videos to be shakey and not properly seen. Whenever you are creating our own vlog, don’t expect people to work for you. You have to work on your own. So, whenever you’re on the video, you have to have something that can hold your camera. That’s a tripod. It will hold your camera, you can adjust it and it will stay still.
    And you have to have at least a DSLR or a CamCorder. Otherwise, if you’re planning to make videos on your phone, forget about quality. But if you want quality, you have to get one of these.
  2. Get a Microphone to record clearly – If you check the famous YouTubers and vloggers, you will see that they own a microphone. If you’re making a  video that has a conversation in it, you have to make sure that people are hearing everything you’re saying on screen. So having a camera is important, and having a microphone is as much important as that.
  3. Lighting Setup – You don’t have to own a lighting setup, you can create one by watching simple videos on the internet. But its very important. Because if you have to shoot at a dark place, you have to have light from the background to support the video quality and the clarity of the video. If you can’t do that, people will leave as soon as they see that your video s dark. So, you have to be very careful with that and Strictly maintain that your video does not lack light.
  4. Own a Teleprompter  A teleprompter is a device where you can insert the dialogues that you will through in your video. You can look at it while the video is going on and through the dialogue precisely. Thus you won’t need to memorize anything. News readers on tv channels use it. Also, the famous SEO expert Bryan Dean uses a teleprompter for his videos. Usually, he speaks directly looking at the camera. That’s why the teleprompter is necessary. If you have a content of that type you can use it.
  5. Do Your Makeup – On high-quality cameras, any spot on your face can be seen clearly. So having a makeup is very important to look sharp. This goes both for boys and girls. It might look creepy off screen but if you don’t apply makeup, you’ll look creepier on screen. So, this is a mandatory thing to do.
  6. Edit you Videos – A video remains just a video until its edited. It becomes a quality content after being edited. A video can have thousands of mistakes. So, you have to edit and remove those mistakes for the sake of your content quality. Because any mistake will make your content look light in the eyes of your viewers. Also, people will start taking you lightly seeing that you are not giving a proper finishing to your videos. So, edit your videos, a lot, but not too much.

Now, after making a quality content, you have to create a curiosity among people for them to watch your video. See, just know what is a vlog isn’t enough. there are lots of things. Now there are ways for doing that. You might ask yourself now why do I need to do that. You need it because, on youtube, 400 hours of video content is being uploaded every minute.

  • Create an uncommon and beautiful thumbnail – If you see the videos of the famous YouTubers, they usually add up a thumbnail which contains a curiosity-arousing scene or a pickup line. This makes people watch the videos. You have to do that too.
  • Give a Catchy but Relatable title – Not only you have to provide a thumbnail, but also a title to your video. Like I’m writing a content about how to become a successful vlogger. If it were a video, I would’ve named the video by the same name. So, having a relatable yet catchy name is very important.
  • Perform SEO – There are many tricks under this, you have to learn it by doing your personal research. to reach a huge number of organic views you have to make your video search engine optimized. That is called SEO.

So, the above-mentioned things are the things that you need to do to become a vlogger. What is a vlog? A vlog is everything mentioned above.

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