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guerilla marketing

Think about promoting a product which will bring you a lot of money. Now, think about some ideas that blow out the minds of the people. Mix them together; what you have now is called Guerrilla Marketing.

The meaning of this word is very serious. Whenever we hear the word Guerrilla, it creates images of rebellions in our minds. But when the “marketing” is added beside it, the first sound that will come out of your mouth is “what?”.

That’s right, people with limited ideas of marketing don’t even know what Guerrilla marketing is. I myself didn’t know what it was. This article is the result of night long researches. It took me almost more than 7 days to find out ins and outs of Guerrilla marketing and now I’m here with proper information and examples of Guerrilla Marketing.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The word Guerrilla stands for “Small armies fighting irregular fights”. It gives us the idea that, there’s a war going on, and there are armies who are not fighting directly, yet they re going for irregular operations which are very successful. Most of the guerrilla attacks in a war are successful. Because of Guerrilla’s use the element of surprise.

Now include the word marketing to it and you will understand what Guerrilla marketing actually stands for. Guerrilla marketing means unusual ways of promoting products, avoiding conventional ways and coming up with ways that gather the attention of a mass within almost no time.

Whenever you are promoting a product in a conventional way, still campaigning of it is required to have better results. Yet whenever you are doing Guerrilla marketing, this is something that can be very absurd and unacceptable at first. But most of the unacceptable ideas became the most deliberate examples of Guerrilla Marketing. I will talk about the examples later on, but right now, let’s discuss the types of Guerrilla Marketing.

  • Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing – This type means to promote stuff in a vast area. You can change or add something removable to a renowned building or a statue or a place where people visit.
  • Indoor Guerrilla Marketing – It’s almost the same but this type is used to gather the attention of the people at a university, or a station or even at a shop.
  • Event Ambush Guerrilla Marketing – This is also doing the same thing but at an ongoing event like a fair or a concert.
  • Experiential Guerilla Marketing – In this type, brands engage directly with people.

Is it Better than Conventional Marketing?

Well in some cases, Yes. It is better than conventional marketing. Though most Guerrilla marketing ideas failed due to the lack of thorough thinking, each and every single event gathered a huge amount of attention. having second thoughts hearing guerrilla marketing failed? Read the points below, you will understand why it’s worth even if it fails.

1. Budget Friendliness

Guerrilla marketing is really budget friendly. Whenever you are putting an advertisement in the digital media, it requires to be created, directed and shown consequently to gather enough attention. But, Guerrilla marketing, you can do it with the easiest commodities. You can create anything out of anything to gather the attention of the people within a short time. Rather than wasting money on expensive and firms to create advertisements, Guerrilla marketing can be a budget-friendly idea for small business owners.

2. Creates the ability to join the Market in one Step

If your idea is unique, if you think you can create a product or brand that has the potential to be famous, then you should do it. Because with conventional marketing, it takes ages for a brand to stand up and fight with other companies. But if you apply this, people will engage in seeing the uniqueness of your advertising methods.

3. Creates Curiosity in People

Whenever we see something unusual, it creates a curiosity in us to find out what’s it about. If you apply this idea of marketing, your advertisement will have the uniqueness that can create the curiosity in people. Thus you will surely achieve what you were willing to do. This helps you to join the market flow within no time.

4. Helps Small Businesses to Fight with Big Business Companies

With the help of Guerrilla marketing, you can create a name for your brand in no time. So, you will be able to get into the fight with the big companies that are doing business in the same niche as yours. also, if your product has the better quality, you can take the market in no time also. So, this idea is a great power-up for small business owners.

5. Fastest Way to Reach a Lot of People

Another turning point of this marketing strategy is that, the time sector. You can save your money that’s obvious. Also, you can save your time. Because the uniqueness will capture attention and create curiosity on its own.

6. Greatest way of Using the Craziest Idea

People can have crazy marketing ideas that might seem absurd at first. But those crazy ideas are the one of a kind ideas that can create a huge attraction towards any brand or a product. Se, if you have any crazy marketing ideas, apply the using Guerrilla Marketing.

Just wrote about crazy ideas that can be utilized under Guerrilla marketing niche. You wills ee why I added the factor that you can use your craziest ideas. Because it’s time to find out about some craziest Guerrilla Marketing Examples.

Craziest Guerrilla Marketing Examples

1. Dropped Call Bill Board of Cingular

Guerrilla Marketing - Hate Dropped Call

They are a phone company who used dropped calls as their crazy idea and created a billboard. Their billboard was like never before seen. They write three words on the billboard ” Hate Dropped Calls?” The word “calls” was actually dropped down from the BillBoard. People came from far away to see the unusual billboard and this created a huge name for their brand.

2. Oscar Mayer’s Hot Dog Car

Guerrilla Marketing - Oscar Mayer’s Hot Dog Car

A guy named Oscar Mayer came up with a hot dog business. And to promote it he came up with another brilliant idea. The idea was that he colored his car in orange and put up a hot dog on top of it. and wrote his brand name which was named by his own name. This brilliant example is truly a great utilize of Guerrilla Marketing.

3. Crashed Nike Ball

Guerrilla Marketing - Crashed Nike Ball

This is the most iconic example of Guerrilla marketing. Nike decided to apply guerrilla marketing as per to the market. They knew that a ball that has crashed into a side of a building is going to be a huge success in the area of marketing. And their strategy was completely successful. It increased their revenue by the day.

4. RedBull Pitstop

Guerrilla Marketing - RedBull Pitstop

This is one merging of two different sectors. RedBull being one of the greatest racing sponsors came up with an idea of branding at their first stages. They started doing pitstops in the streets with properly dressed racing crews. The car and their suits covered with RedBull logos.

5. Superman Returns Twisted Pole

Guerrilla Marketing - Superman Returns Twisted Pole

Superman is the name of a superhero who actually creates the idea of strength in people’s mind. So, the producers placed twisted poles in cities with posters of superman returns! The proper show of strength. This idea was first rejected by the producers. But again it was discussed with the producers and then utilized. It was a great success.

6. Axe Traffic Signal

Guerrilla Marketing - Axe Traffic Signal

Among all the brands in the world, Axe is known to be one of the “sexist” brands in the case of marketing. And they used their sexist idea for guerrilla marketing as well. They sponsored many traffic signals. And in those signals, they put their whole sexist idea and put their brand name on it. There’s a guy who’s about to cross the road and there are these girls who are running behind him. That was the concept and it was very attractive for their campaign.

7. Goodyear Blimp

Guerrilla Marketing - Goodyear Blimp

One of the most recognizable campaigns of the world is this one. Goodyear tires always used these big air blimps with their brand color and brand name on it. It almost covered the sky and that thing in the sky with their name on it looked very attractive and great. It was one of the greatest attention gathering idea of the world.

8. Taco Bell Liberty Bell Rumor

Guerrilla Marketing - Taco Bell Liberty Bell Rumor

During the 90’s the famous American food chain, Taco Bell started a rumor that they had bought the famous liberty bell and renamed it Taco Bell. This is the first time almost all over the North America people came to know about Taco Bell. Though Taco Bell took a cheap shot, indeed it was the best utilization of a rumor. Also, both names have bells in their 2nd part. So, people thought it to be true to some extent. But the Govt proved it wrong pretty quickly. Yet it gave Taco Bell the boost it needed to spread all over America.

9. Sony PlayStation

Guerrilla Marketing - Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation came in the market when parents were trying hard to take their children off the computer chair. So, Sony had no other option but to come up with something saucy. So, they came up with the idea of graffiti. At that time graffiti was spreading at a huge number. people were actually considering graffiti as an art. And Sony came up with the right Idea at the right time and did business.

10. MeowMix Mobile

Guerrilla Marketing - MeowMix Mobile

This idea was the same as Oscar Mayer. But MeowMix took it to the next level. They took a minivan and created a cat out of it! A cat that could ride across the streets with the name MeowMix on it. This become one the icons of that time and people were inspired to build cars with the same idea.

11. KingKong 3D

Guerrilla Marketing - KingKong 3D

This idea was very brilliant and of great success. Huge footprints were made in a beach and a crushed SUV was kept. People started taking pictures and posting everywhere. This created a huge attracting to the incident and then the real story was published and king kong 3D became viral within no time.

12. Colgate Popsicle

Guerrilla Marketing - Colgate Popsicle

Colgate came up with another brilliant idea to create awareness. What they did is, they supplied various ice cream companies “toothbrush” shaped Popsicle sticks and on every stick, there was written don’t forget to brush your teeth with Colgate. Seeing the eye-catching shape of the popsicle and seeing a known name created a surprise among people and gave the boost that Colgate deserved after this kind of a strategical campaign.

These are the most famous Guerrilla marketing examples that could’ve been found all over the world. If you want to apply this marketing strategy, do a study of all the techniques taken by the above-mentioned companies. Every single company had their own style of campaign. They related their campaign with the product that is deeply related to the subject they are at. Also, you have to measure everything before implementing any crazy idea Let me tell you some failed Guerrilla Marketing story.

  • Snapple Popsicle Failed Guerrilla Marketing Strategy – Snapple came up with a brilliant idea that they should create a giant popsicle and stand it somewhere in a city to create attraction. But they chose the wrong day to do it. The day they were placing the popsicle, the temperature was 80 degrees. Thus the whole city was covered in strawberry flavored red liquid.
    • Vodafone Streakers – During a rugby game between New Zealand and Austria, Vodafone decided to launch two people with no dress and the logo of Vodafone painted on their body to attract people. But the result was the opposite. It created a public outrage and it was so fierce that the CEO of Vodafone had to apologize publically and then he donated $30,000 to a local charity.
  • Reading these two stories, you have to understand that Guerrilla Marketing is just not a matter of an idea, it is also a matter of execution and thorough thinking before doing it. But the thorough thinking should not reduce the level of crazy because the Guerrilla Marketers motto is “The crazier, the better”Are you crazy enough? If you are that start planning your Guerrilla marketing strategy. If you want any suggestions please contact us. Thanks for reading this article and spending your time.

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