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HubFaq – About Me

The about page of a website is the most boring pages of all. Obviously, I’m not counting terms of services as that has exceeded the amount of boringness. Yet this page is not that boring as you thought it to be. So, as you click on, it means you want to know two things. Number one is on this website and the 2nd is who is running this website.

Okay let’s start with the first one; HubFaq is a blog for bloggers who want to know more about blogging. Now blogging is a sector of limitless possibilities. HubFaq has tried, tries and will keep on trying to give everyone important ideas about blogging and whatsoever. Also, the main idea of this website is money making. People are taking blogging as careers because there’s a big scope of earning a lot of money. The most important thing that Hubfaq would do is, it will teach you new ways to earn money online and you would surely be able to implement them just by having a laptop in hand.

HubFaq also works in lead generation sector. Before in the world of internet, it was quite easy for people to write anything and get noticed. But now the number of websites is more than the number of population of this world. So, the competition on the internet has increased. There has been the invention of many new ways just to have more visitors to a website. HubFaq here gives you specific and versatile ideas of lead generation for the sake of the flourish of your business. Any online business requires to have a fan base who will be regularly updated on a company’s new ideas and new products. Lead generation is that process of being in touch with the regular consumers or the permanent fan base of any products. Just like any other blogging website, HubFaq will also show you how you can start up your own website and maintain it. So, HubFaq is basically a website but technically a whole package with which you can start your own online website based business and make money out of it. You call these type of persons who are investing or taking steps to create a business, “Entrepreneurs”. Now we know about how HubFaq works and how with HubFaq you can make money.

Speaking of entrepreneur let’s talk about the person who has been behind the scenes of the movie called HubFaq.

My name is Nilay Bhattacharjee. I am a creative and enthusiastic Lead Generation Specialist and an entrepreneur. I have created this website out of grievance. The grievance of mine was that the people in India have established themselves to be technologically flourished. Yet people don’t know how they can income a huge amount of money just by having a website. My idea is to create and bring a change in the society. Yes, my target is to earn money. But the bigger target that I have is that throughout my example people will learn the whereabouts of a website and then they will just not only know about websites also they will be able to start earning by websites. That is the goal or you can say dream I possess. Possessing a dream is not enough. You have to work to establish that. That’s what has made me an entrepreneur. In throughout the world, people have just learned that they can earn money on the internet and the internet is filled up with scams.

But on the internet, there are not only scam stuff. There are also many hundreds and thousands of website where actually there are pointers given how to become an entrepreneur or how to earn money. This is one of those websites. Maximum websites work for their economic benefit but my primary target will be to create a new sector of income that is not so popular in India. There was a survey where I was seen that India has the largest number of freelancers in the world. Now among these freelancers, some are exceptionally talented. When a freelancer s provided a job he will only work on that but in our country freelancers are really versatile. They can write thousands of words, yet they can change tomorrow. Also, the people working as freelancers do know how they can play their role against the given duty. But most freelancers being particularly or directly connected to the IT sector know a lot of things, algorithms, key factors of the internet that are not known, normal people.

Still after knowing all these the grievance of mine is that people are not engaging themselves in the independent business market of websites. Thus they can flourish our IT sector more and more, also it can be a vast change of economic development for that person.

Keeping all these things as a target, I have a small dream. The dream I have is not that big. My dream is that people working in the IT sector will know their way through the internet and rather than doing other people’s job people in our country will start investing and become entrepreneurs just like me. I want t set myself as an example to all the people of India that if I, Nilay Bhattacharjee can create and maintain a website also earn a livelihood from it. I want to be that guy whom people will idolize before entering this specific sector.

That’s my dream and that’s why and how I started this website. I may reach my goal someday, I know it will require hard work but if I’m able to do that it will be very much helpful for our country and the future of our IT sectors. I don’t want a country to be top in having the most number of freelancing employees. I want my country to be the biggest employer in the IT world. And this will only be possible if people emphasis more on investments rather than working for others.